Petite Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

When you think of wedding dresses, you often picture a strapless dress that is the purest white shade, with a beautiful long train that follows the bride. However, if you have a body type that is not designed to carry off a strapless gown or if you cannot wear a gown that is strapless, for whatever reasons, there is no need to feel disappointed. If you remember the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine, you will notice that she wore a gown with beautiful, long sleeves made of lace that looked ever so elegant and mesmerizing, so if you are looking for petite wedding dresses with sleeves,  here are some interesting tips and designs for you.

Why opt for a dress with sleeves

Although strapless dresses are the ideal choice during weddings, there are a few reasons that may require you to wear a dress that has sleeves. The first thing is if you belong to a family or are marrying into one that is slightly conservative, you may have to opt for a petite wedding dress with sleeves. Another reason is that a strapless gown may not suit your body type and may put you at the risk of looking sloppy on your wedding day. If you have an upper body that is slightly chubby, opting for sleeves is a wise idea as you will definitely feel a lot more comfortable and much less conscious when you wear it!

Types of sleeves you should choose

Today, the variety that you get with wedding dresses is outstanding. Needless to say, the sleeves options, too are plenty and you can choose something that suits your requirements. The common favorites for a Petite wedding dress with sleeves are as follows:

– Juliet sleeve- This is great for women who do not have very broad shoulders, these sleeves have a slight puff at the shoulder and go all the way to your wrist to fit them tightly.

– Cap Sleeve- This type is great if you want to show off your long arms. The sleeve just hangs over your shoulder.

– Tulip Sleeve- This sleeve is very elegant and it criss crosses at the shoulder to look like the petals of a flower.

– Balloon sleeve- These sleeves are more rounded and fit tightly at the wrist.

– Illusion sleeve- This type of sleeve uses very sheer fabric that makes that garment modest and glamorous at the same time.

– Bell sleeve- Bell sleeves are narrow near the shoulder and fall gracefully at the wrist.

Choosing the right dress

Petite wedding dresses with sleeves should have be appropriate to the season that the wedding is taking place and should also be comfortable in the fit. The fabric should be elegant and grand. So something like silk or satin would be great. However wearing something that is too layered and ill fitted might make the whole outfit very uncomfortable. Lace is a very beautiful fabric to give the dress a vintage and fairy tale appeal!


Accessories can add a totally different elegance to your petite wedding dresses with sleeves. However, accessories should compliment your outfit rather than overpower it. You should look for jewelry that is delicate and elegant. When you wear long sleeves, you may not have to look for any accessory for your arm. Sometimes, even a tiara to hold your beautiful bridal veil is a good idea to add some bling to your wedding dress. The shoes that you choose should, again, be very comfortable and should allow you to walk around comfortably and enjoy the wedding completely!

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