Designer Petite Lingerie

Designer petite lingerie is a great option for women who are looking for good quality lingerie in unique designs. Lingerie is, by itself, an important commodity in the fashion industry and there are designers who specialize in making these garments. There are many options that are available in the market for women to choose from, starting from the regular underwear to more fancy fragile like the teddy bear and the baby doll designs. Designers also specialize in customizing designs for particular body types. Here’s more on how you can choose designer petite lingerie

Understanding petite lingerie

Women, on an average are, up to 5 ft and 4 inches in height. Anyone who is smaller than this is considered to have a petite frame. . Because of a tiny frame, it is often difficult for them to find lingerie that fits them well. A common problem that most petite women find is that the lingerie does not hold the body the way it is meant to. Only recently, popular lingerie brands introduced a petite size section in their collection. While buying designer petite lingerie, make sure that you get one that suits your body proportions well.

Designer petite lingerie is available in three sizes normally- small, medium and large and the designs made for petite frames came as PL, PM and PS. You should have a correct measurement and then match it to the standard scale to know what your size is. It is important to have lingerie that fits you just right because only then will you get the silhouette that you desire. You should always but lingerie that suits your waist-shoulder proportion correctly.

Designer lingerie at good prices

Designer petite lingerie is expensive but is absolutely worth the cost considering the quality and the fit that they offer. However, you can get designer lingerie at great prices if you watch out for the sales that are regularly put up by these lingerie lines. I you are sure of the size and fit offered by online stores, you can also opt for them as they have regular sales that will give you great discounts on the products. Another thing that you should look out for is end of season sales that will really get you designer lingerie at throw away prices!

How to choose designer lingerie

Designer lingerie is always known for the fit and the quality. However, you should be sure of your body type to ensure that you get designer lingerie that is comfortable. For a garment that fits you so closely, it should be comfortable and easy on your body. Fabrics are also very important while choosing lingerie. You do get fancy, fragile lingerie that is made of satin and lace. However, if comfort is what you are looking for cotton based fabric is what you should opt for. These fabrics stretch and allow your skin to breathe. So when you are looking for lingerie, make sure you buy something that fits you well and makes you feel good!

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