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Until recently there was no separate section of lingerie dedicated to smaller women. So, finding the right fit for a lady who is shorter than the average size used to be close to impossible. With the entry of lingerie into the fashion industry as an important commodity, manufacturers began to make special sizes depending on various body types. Today, petite lingerie on sale is available with most well known brands. To buy lingerie during the sale is advisable as it would, otherwise, prove to be very expensive. But no matter what you buy ensure that quality is something you do not compromise on.

What is petite lingerie?

Women, on an average are, up to 5 ft and 4 inches in height. Anyone who is smaller than this is considered to have a petite frame. For a long time, lingerie for women this size was not easy as there was no separate size scale for this size. Only recently, popular lingerie brands introduced a petite size section in their collection. Today, there are three sizes available Petite Small, Petite Medium and Petite Large and this covers different body types for women with a petite frame. While buying petite lingerie on sale, make sure that you get one that suits your body proportions well.

How to choose petite lingerie?

Irrespective of the size, lingerie is all about comfort. So while choosing your petite lingerie, make sure that you buy something that you can comfortably wear for a really long time without looking or feeling uncomfortable. This is possible when you have the right size to suit your body type. Always look for lingerie that suits your shoulder and waist proportion correctly. Also, while buying corsets and brassieres, getting the cup size right along with the band size will give you a comfortable fit. When you are buying lingerie, make sure that you completely know your body type and in case you are not sure, you can seek help from professionals in stores that have petite lingerie on sale.

The fabric that you choose lingerie in is also very important. Fabrics like satin and lace are great for special events. If you are looking for lingerie for your daily wear, you need to look for fabric that stretches and allows your body to breathe easily. Cotton is the most preferred fabric for daily wear. The worst thing that can happen is choosing wrong lingerie as it will make all your outfits seem uncomfortable and ill- fitted! So ladies, be wise even when you are indulging in petite lingerie on sale!

Common mistakes while choosing lingerie

The number one mistake that women make is to neglect the importance that lingerie in their wardrobe. Lingerie is very important in giving your body a silhouette that would suit all your dresses. Secondly, you should always buy lingerie that is comfortable and not something that merely looks good.  Also, just because you find petite lingerie on sale, do not compromise on the quality as lingerie should last long and even be of fine quality.

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